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Taking care of rescue dogs
Is something I do best.
I know because I've done it,
And I've surely pass the test.

The dogs I've bathed, the food I've fed,
The vacuuming I've done,
And all to watch a frightened soul
Sit dreaming in the sun.

My own dogs I've neglected,
But I tell them everyday
That I love and cherish each of them
Though a new dog's come to stay.

I know they understand this,
For in their eyes I see
The love that I have given them
Come shinning back at me.

Some people think I'm crazy,
Some others think I'm great.
But very few can understand
What really is at stake.

If I can love and help a dog
To find a better way,
My own life is much richer,
I look forward to each day.

So now you know my secret,
It's there for all to see,
The love I give, the life I save,
I do it all for me.

Response to the "Chronicle" series has been tremedous, prompting some readers to take matters into their own hands.  "When I read that article, I just cried and cried," says Savannah DeKalb, describing her reaction to the first article in the series.

DeKalb, who works in a downtown law firm, has always been an animal lover.  When she used to travel regularly between Hilton Head Island, S.C., she always carried a bag of dog food with her. Anytime she saw a stray along the road, she would stop, pour out some food, then park a short distance away to make sure it ate something.

Once she picked up a puppy wandering along the highway. Every place she stopped along her route, she asked people if they would be willing to take it. She finally persuaded a security guard at SRS who took they puppy saying, "My wife's probably going to kill me, but I'll take it."

The animal control shelter was closed for Labor Day the day after the first newspaper article appeared, but DeKalb was there Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. (the shelter normally opens at 8:00 a.m.). A worker let her in. "I asked them which animals were about to expire. They didn't want to tell me, but I said, 'I just want to try to save their lives."

DeKalb adopted three dogs ---- 
A hound, a Dalmation and a mixed breed. She's found new homes for the Dalmation and the mutt,
and she and her husband are considering keeping the hound. 

She plans to continue doing her part. "I know can't save the world, " says DeKalb, "but I can make a difference."

This was an Article exactly quoted above, an article in which I was featured in titled "Lost & Found" published in the Augusta Magazine, Dec/Jan 1999 issue, by writer, Danielle Wong.

Many of these unwanted animals are picked up by or left at Richmond and Columbia County animal control where they're held for adoption. But sometimes they don't make it. They become street casualties or are euthanized at the overcrowded county facilities....   Last year alone Richmond County Animal Control put down 10,788 dogs and cats while Columbia County euthanized 2,495 dogs and cats.

Unlike non-profit, volunteer-run organizations who have funds to provide for these animals, from sponsors or individuals or fun raisers,  I have always paid for everything out of my own pocket, including all the shots, heartworm testing, spay or neuter, (with the exception of Sam you will read about below).  While I may not be licensed by the State of Georgia as a rescue shelter nor am I a non-profit corporation, nor have a 501c3 status, that has never stopped me from taking in strays off the street or calling the animal shelters to inquire about which dogs are next in line to be euthanized, so that I could possibly try to save a few and then welcoming those dogs into my home and caring for them both medically and physically, cage free, until I can find them permanent, loving families and have never asked for any adoption fee in return. 

My goal is to educate people on the importance of companion animals in our society and to stop the cycle of animal neglect and abuse.

It should always be about the well being of the dog and never about the politics and money involved, as so many rescue groups fail to remember.  I will never allow any dog that I have rescued to be placed in a home or environment that I personally do not feel comfortable with.  

I do NOT let any rescue group decide what is best for any of my rescue dogs, nor will I ever allow any rescue group to profit by them charging an adoption fee for a dog that I have rescued and that they have no money invested in from their organization.  I will always have the final say in where my rescue dogs will be placed.  

I have done all that I have out of the love in my heart for these poor souls who I feel deserve the right to have a home that will love them and care for them until it is their time to go to "Doggy Heaven".

The song you hear playing in the background "Somebody to Love Me" is something that I think all these dogs would say, if only they could speak and had a voice for theirself. Since they cannot, I will be their voice and share it with others.
This is Simon. A full blooded Brussels Griffon who was approximately 3 years old and was dumped at the Elberton Animal Shelter along with his brother, by his former owner. The Elberton Animal Control determined that his brother would not be able to be adopted out due to his aggressive behavior and was immediately euthanized. Due to the shelters overcrowding, poor Simon only had about a week before he would soon face the same fate as his brother did. However, I rescued him from just minutes of being euthanized from the Elberton Animal Control located in Elberton, Georgia. For I was working for an attorney at the time full time and could not take off work, but lucky for Simon, my mother volunteered to make the 1 ½ hour drive to adopt Simon just minutes before he was scheduled to be euthanized. Unfortunately, Simon’s story does not have a happy ending and is heartbreaking. When my mother arrived back home with Simon, I was home from work and while you could not tell just by looking at him, this little dog was in severe poor condition. Beneath his coat of hair, we managed to pick off one by one, over 325 ticks. We stop counting at 325. In addition to the ticks, that covered his tiny little body, he had a severe flea infestation. The ticks were on his eye lids, the sides of his mouth, nose, all in his ears, just every place possible there was a huge tick just sucking the life right out of poor Simon. I believe the mistake I made was to give Simon a flea and tick dip to help with the process of getting the rest of fleas and ticks off him after we had hand picked off 325 ticks already. For this left so many open wounds and the flea and tick dip being a chemical was not a good idea to put on all these open wounds, but I didn’t realize that at time, for all I was trying to do was to get Simon some relief from all these fleas and ticks. For while Simon seemed to being so much better after we got all the fleas and ticks off him and dipped him the flea and tick dip. The next morning I took him to vet and he was given some antibotics and until his health was better we did not get him any shots and he was sent back home with me. Simon on the 2nd day with us, seemed to being much better and was starting to play with his new toys and my other dogs in the house and just loved his new doggy bed I had got him and then on the 3rd day Simon’s health took a turn for the worst. When I came home for lunch on the 3rd day of having him and when I let him out to the bathroom in my backyard which is secured, about 10 min later when I went to call him and he didn’t come, I could not find him anywhere in the backyard until finally I spotted him under a small bush and noticed that he was so weak and frail, and I rushed him to Caremore Animal Hospital where they were going to give him a blood transfusion because all the fleas and ticks that were on Simon prior to us removing them, had sucked all the life and blood out of this poor dog and he now had become Anemia and he was in the worse stages and very critical. However, in the process of getting everything ready to give Simon the blood transfusion, poor little Simon’s body could no longer take it and Simon passed away before the blood transfusion could be given to him.  

My husband made such a beautiful casket for Simon and I went to Baby-R-Us and purchased a nice baby blanket and 2 stuffed animals and some flowers to put with him inside the casket.

I wrote the message below and I buried it Simon , along with a photo of us. This is what the message said:  

Simon, while I will never understand why it was your time to go. I know that you are now in Heaven and your spirit still lives here in my heart. For we only had three days together, you left us your memory that will live forever. While I know that your in Heaven with God now, and while it seems selfish of me to want you here instead, I know that you knew what love was before you left. While I have never grieved this much, I know that you are where you were suppose to be and that I was your angel to rescue you and set you free. Perhaps in time my heart will mend and my tears will dry and I will just remember how happy you were before you left and crossed to the other side. It is not over, for I plan to seek justice for you my friend and when I do, perhaps then I can dry the tears that seem to come so often and the pain that is so sharpe deep in my heart. 

Simon's Message to Me

I will never know what I did to deserve such an awful life full of abuse and neglect. My life had become so sad and lonely it was like living in an endless, dark tunnel. I remember looking up one day and seeing a bright light shining at the end of the tunnel. The light was so bright I thought that God must have sent an angel to finally end my suffering. God did send an angel, he sent you. The bright light I had seen was your smiling face. You promised me that my days of neglect and abuse were over. My battered body and broken spirit hardly dared to believe it was true. You opened your heart and your home and gave me more love and comfort and safety than I had ever known. You gave me the softest bed my tired, aching bones had ever felt and more toys and attention than I had ever dreamed existed. I no longer cringed when a hand was raised near me, because your hands had only kindness and treats to offer me. I no longer feared the sound of feet approaching, because your feet had never kicked me. Although "quantity" of time can be measured in days and weeks, there is no way to measure the "quality" of time. So there is no way to really measure just how deeply your love and devotion affected my life. But sometimes, even love & devotion and all the medical attention in the world can't heal a body that has been battered and broken for too long. So please do not be sad that I am gone. You performed a miracle in what little time we had together. You made my spirits soar and helped my soul find peace and contentment. From the day I met you I never suffered again, not even at the end. Just knowing that my memory would live in your heart forever gave me the strength to let go and find my way to Rainbow Bridge. So go forward from today with only happy memories of me in your heart and let them give you the strength to keep on lighting up sad, lost lives. Remember I will live forever in your heart and in the stars up above and my star will shine brighter with every life that's touched by your love. "Until we meet again..."

Below are just a few of the dogs that I have rescued over the last 15 years and their stories.  
This is "Beasley". I found him at the Cracker Barrel Resturant along with the Basset Hound I named Crackers. He was only skin and bones. He still lives with us ( my parents) because I could never find Beasley a new home. As most people only wanted to adopt a pure bred and only wanted a puppy and Beasley was about 1 year old when I found him. His is a mutt. But let me tell you, he has a heart of gold and loves to give you doggie kisses. Beasley will never have to worry about being dumped off again, as he will always have a home here with us and now is about 17 years old as of June, 2013.  UPDATE:  Beasley went to Doggy Heaven on July 2, 2013, we all will miss him very much. 
This is "Crackers", as I named her. The vet said she is a full blooded Basset Hound and is approximately 3 to 4 years old. I found her in the summer time abandoned in the 100 degree heat at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant. She only weighed 19 lbs when I found her and was almost dead due to starvation. A healthy Basset Hound should weigh between 45 to 65 pounds. Despite her being almost all bones, she was still able to wag her tail to thank me for saving her. She was with another dog "Beasley" we named him. Mr. And Mrs. Kincaid of Augusta adopted her from me and later have moved to sunny weather in Florida. They had just lost their Bassett Hound, whom has gone to doggy heaven. They were both so happy to adopt her. They have now renamed her 'Melba" and when I talked to them soon after adopting her, they said she is doing wonderful and they just love her and told me that she is very spoiled. Mrs. Kincaid told me, it was fate that brought them together and I believe it too.
This is "Ralphie". He was left in a dumpster along side the road and my brother found him and brought him home. Not long after, his wife took "Ralphie" and set him along side the road for she does not like animals. I was lucky my brother found him a few days later, waiting exactly where his wife had set him off. He brought Ralphie to me until I could find a home for him. I got Ralphie all his shots and had him neutered before placing him with his new owner Willie who was the maintenance supervisor at SunTrust Bank in Augusta, Georgia. He now lives in the country in Aiken, S.C. I am so happy that this story has a happy ending. Ralphie won't ever have to worry about being set off again or being left again. UPDATE:  Ralphie has went to Doggy Heaven back in 2010 and died of old age. Willie was sad to see his companion go and misses him very much. Rest in Peace Ralphie.

This is "Happy". He is male Dalmation. He was one of the dogs that I saved from the Columbia County Animal Control that was mentioned in the article above. He was due to be euthanized the morning I saved his life due to overcrowding and no one had adopted him. A nice family in Aiken, South Carolina who the husband was a fireman and had always wanted a Dalmation had adopted him from me. Happy had a new loving home with 2 children that adored him and unfortunately about 3 years after having Happy, one of the kids left the front gate opened and Happy escaped and as Rae Lynn, their mother was walking out the door to take her 2 kids to school that morning, she witnessed Happy being struck by a car in front of their home. The person who struck Happy kept going and did not stop. Happy did not suffer as he was killed instantly. Rae Lynn said their family was very heartbroken and they will miss Happy but know that he is in Doggy Heaven now. See you at Rainbow Bridge Happy when the time comes. In Memory of Happy, 4/2000.
This is "Peaches". She is a full blooded Golden Retriever. I rescued Peaches from a family that had taken her to the Animal Shelter because they were moving to Washington D.C. and could not take her and did not bother to find her a home after she had been a loving member of their family for over 5 years, and they had gotten her as puppy. For the lady told me that she just didn’t have time to find her a home before they moved. Lucky for Peaches, I came to her rescue and took her into our home until I could find her a loving family who adopt her from me with 2 kids that was just thrilled to have her. For it took me about a year before I found the right family for Peaches and had to turn down many people during that year because I just did not feel Peaches would be a good fit for their needs or family and they did not meet my requirements that I seek when trying to find homes for dogs I rescue. For I have some pretty strict requirements and unfortunately, not everybody is able to meet them. For I want to make sure that every dog that I adopt out will be loved, cared for and be in safe environment and will never end up at the shelter or out on the streets as a stray. She was adopted out by a family in Windsor, S.C. and Peaches now shares the home with 2 Shih Tzu and a horse and ducks. I miss her because she was always there to greet me and always happy to see me when I got home. I know that she truly loves her new family for they have two children that love her just as much I did while I had Peaches.  I have visited Peaches over the years since her new family adopted her from me and she is enjoying the country life style and is very spoiled and stays inside the home with the other 2 Shih Tzu and is very much loved by her new family.  What a happy ending!!
This is Lexi. She is a full blooded Lhasa Apso. I rescued Lexi from a couple in Atlanta who could no longer keep her because she was not getting along with their newborn baby and they were going to take her to the animal control shelter if I could not come and get her. So I drove 4 hours to Atlanta to get her and 4 hours back home. I have never fostered a Lhasa Apso before but I have always heard different stories about this breed. For example I’ve heard they have their own unique personality and if not trained properly at an early age can be difficult to break habits later on in life. They are very loyal to their owners and not to kind to strangers. They are difficult to housebreak and are very hyper and high strong dogs. I did not know what I was getting myself into but it was very good experience for me. I had to learn to have more patience and to get use to a dog that was very high strong and very hyper and that demanded a great deal of my attention and that took away from own personal dogs. I knew this was going to be a challenge for me to find Lexi the right new owner. Lexi stayed with us for almost a year until I found her new home. It was not until my husband and I had to make a trip out west for his job and a friend of mine agreed to watch Lexi for us while we were gone. Well Geri and her husband fell in love with Lexi right away and she fix right into their home and got along with their other dog and when we returned, Geri asked me if her and her husband could adopt Lexi and told me how much they enjoyed her and how much fun that they and their other dog had while Lexi was staying with them. I never knew this would turn out to be Lexi’s new home but I had known Geri for years, as she worked for another attorney in the same building and we had been friends for years. So I agreed to allow them to adopt Lexi from me and she has been with them every since and is doing just fine. 
This is Penny. She is a Lhasa Apso mix. She was rescued from a terrible situation where her former owner kept her in a crate almost 24 hours a day, hardly ever letting her out to the bathroom or outside of her crate. This was poor misery for poor Penny. She had little human contact and her whole world revolved living inside a crate that was very small. My next door neighbor got Penny from this terrible situation and when one of my moms dogs passed due to old age, I thought my mom would be a perfect new owner for Penny. Penny was then adopted by my mother who took Penny into their home and she and my father have had Penny for about 14 years now and Penny is still doing well and enjoying her home with my mom and dad. 

This is Wesley. He is approximately 4 years old as of June, 2013 and is Shih Tzu mix. I rescued Wesley from the Richmond County Animal Shelter as he was hours from being euthanized because of overcrowding at the shelter and no one had adopted him. As they said he was an owner surrender. Wesley is a perfect little gentleman. He was fully housebroken, loves other dogs, loves people, is a big lap dog, loves to play with his toys and loves to sleep in bed with you. I have no clue as to why someone would have wanted to dump him off at the shelter because he is such a great dog with no bad habits whatsoever. Until I find the right family for Wesley, he will continue living with us and he will never have to worry about being taken to the shelter again.  

This is Tattles. She is mix breed of some sort. She is approximately 10 years old. Tattles came to us when my mother had her spayed and all her shots and did not want to take her back to my brothers house because all the dogs that live around him either get shot, poisoned or killed somehow. She was suppose to help me find Tattles a new home but never has and Tattles has now lived with us for 8 years. She is sweet dog, but is very skiddish and was abused by her former owners.  Tattles is what I consider to be my special needs rescue.
This is "Sammy". He is male Hound Hunting Dog. He was one of the dogs that I saved from the Columbia County Animal Control that was mentioned in the article above. He was due to be euthanized the morning I saved his life due to overcrowding and no one had adopted him. I had Sammy for about 6 months and then I found him a forever home in the country with a nice family who just fell in love with him the moment they saw him. He now enjoys running on lots of land and being spoiled by the familys kids.  
This is Sam.  A male Shih Tzu.   This is his story.  On Thursday, July 22, 2010, my daughter got a call from the president of Shih Tzu Furbaby Rescue, Meredith Coley, to see if it were possible for her to go to the Richmond County Animal Control Shelter (KILL SHELTER), in our city, to rescue a Shih Tzu that was an owner surrender from an elderly man that his family had to put him into assisted living home and they could not care for his companion of almost 9 years, so they dropped the dog, off at the animal control shelter, which basically was giving this poor little dog, a death sentence. For Meredith received an email from the shelter, to see if there was anyway her organization could rescue Sam and take him in. For the shelter was too full at the time to hold owner surrenders or take any dogs in to be adopted out and he was scheduled to be euauthized on July 24, 2010, if no rescue group could get this poor little dog.   So I rushed to the shelter to get him and drove him to his new foster mom in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he still lives today and they have now become his new forever home.  However, below you will read just some of the obstacles that poor Sam has had to overcome due to the neglect from his former owners.   Above his is photo taken from the shelter and on the opposite side is Sam during christmas time in 2011.  He looks so much happier and so much healthier and very much loved and taken care of.  This story has a wonderful ending.  

He needed to be sedated at the Vet’s office before he could be groomed because the mat’s on his legs and belly and around his neck were so close to his skin and one thing this little guy does not like is to be groomed and it would have been impossible to have him groomed and get him shaved without being medical sedated first. It for his safety and the safety of the groomer. The mat’s were just years of neglect from his former owner. 

He has bilateral Upper Lid Distichia, but it presents no problem aside form some extra eye liquid but it can be fixed with surgery. He had 2 masses on his body that we had tested. The results will come back within the week. One is on his belly, the other on his leg. The one on his leg was also infected and it has been fully drained and we are treating it with both oral and topical antibiotics. The belly one is more of a concern in regards to severity. If it comes back to needs to be removed we will have it removed and get him a dental at the same time. If not we can schedule a dental separately, there is no need to have to put him under the stress of multiple procedures on multiple days. We had a fecal flotation and heartworm test, both came back negative! :) We also went ahead and got him his Distemper Parvo booster, he is to get the next shot in a few weeks. We put him on Heartguard and started treating him for flea/tick prevention. Most of his other skin issues are just from a lack of grooming, so with some TLC we should be able to heal them quickly. SAM weighs a healthy 16 pounds (he looks so big compared to our crew, but he's really just a little guy!!) We are just waiting for the results on the mass that is located on his belly, say a prayer for him, please.

He is a bit aggressive with people and the doctor and I spoke about some basic training classes. We are going to look into getting him started next week. He is perfectly fine with other furbabies, but does growl and nip at a variety of people. He will snuggle and cuddle, but can quickly without warning go into attack mode. Clearly this is a trust issue and God only knows what he has really been through, with mats like he had he obviously wasn't getting any human physical attention. He also has some separation anxiety and does not like to be in a room without a human. Matt and I have been taking turns sleeping on the couch with him, as he refuses to climb the stairs to go up to the bedroom. Not sure if he doesn't know how to climb stairs, but he just stops and sits in front of them. Picking him up to carry him up the steps aggravates him and he will go in for a bite, so until we can get him comfy with the steps, he sleeps downstairs. The problem is if we both go upstairs he cries so loudly no one can sleep. :( Poor little guy. Hopefully this weekend we can get him to walk up the stairs, as couch time is getting old, but until then... We will not put any added stress on him by forcing him up stairs or picking him up when he is frightened and growling. We have nothing but time to heal him. 

He does a GREAT, GREAT job of letting us know when he has to go outside. He has a little whimper and that means he needs/wants to go out, it is seperate from his crying when he is alone in a room--that cry is the loud one that keeps EVERYONE awake. At some point in time someone did spend some time training him and did a really great job of it. Once he regains his trust in humans he should be golden!!

Finally, I tried to get some nice pics of him this afternoon, but he was very tired from spending almost 6 hours at the animal hospital and groomers, he was in no mood for a photo shoot. He's been asleep on the couch for hours and I will try again tomorrow. (I did get a few, but they aren't too good. At least you can see a before and after). He will be a great addition to a caring family looking for someone to dote on. He loves going on walks, he does so well now that we have a harness on him and he LOVES being outside!! He is so playful and loves to play fetch and romp around, if we can get him over the growling and nipping he'd be perfect for a family with some kids around Payton's age that like to play a lot and will spoil him with attention. 


He had 14 teeth pulled and the doctor said 2 others came out during the cleaning, they were so rotted. :( He is missing most of his front teeth now, but his back teeth or "chewers" are still in there and in good condition. None of this will affect his ability to eat solid/hard food. Also he said this will definitely help his disposition as the rot was so bad he was no doubt in pain every time he bit down. I can't even begin to describe the difference in his breath. Right now he is resting on the couch with his blankie. :)

His infections on his skin and the bruises he had are also healing quite nicely too. He has more antibiotics to take and some pain killers for his mouth. The doctor feels his "nipping" behavior will improve as he learns to trust again,

Also, he does not know how to climb stairs, but we are working on that diligently and he does still snap and go in for a bite (also working on that). He just needs time to work on trust issues. (Although he lets my husband carry him all over the place, cuddles with him, kisses him... you name his buddy is allowed to be there! :) SAM is definitely a guy's guy!) Now that most of his front teeth are gone I can't imagine his bites will hurt, but they are still not appropriate. Any family that adopts SAM will need to have a lot of patience and be willing to give him a lot of time and attention. In the long run he will make them very, very happy and be their best buddy for life!! :) He is a wonderful little guy, but like most of us, he is not without some baggage. He does have a clean mouth though!

The people at our vets were so very generous too with his surgery, they took $322 off of the bill, keeping the total right at $1000.00. For the amount of work they had to do it was a hell of a deal. We will be sending them a HUGE thank you on our behalf, SAM's too, for the deep discount! Everyone there is so wonderful to us and our babies, a 30%+ discount was certainly very kind of them and deserved of a massive thank you. Hours later I am still touched by their act of kindness. :)

This is Mason. He is a full blooded yellow Lab. Mason was rescued from a lady whose in my neighborhood whom was neglecting to take care of Mason and he kept digging out and being captured by animal control. He is approximately 2 years old and is very sweet, loves kids and other dogs and loves to play ball 24 hours a day. He is very smart but can get into trouble if given the chance. I think that is just the lab in him though. After paying to get him out of the shelter 3 times, it costing me over $500.00 in fines on the 3rd time, I advised the owner she was not getting Mason back because she did not take care of him and did not deserve to even own a dog. He was full of worms and not properly cared for, so I took Mason into our home and am looking for the right home for him. It has now been 2 years and Mason is still living with us, because I have not found him the right forever home to go to.  So on August 3, 2013,  I met with a transporter for Labrador Friends of the South which is located in Atlanta, Georgia, and they agreed to take Mason into their organization and help him find his forever family, who will give him all the attention he deserves and needs.  I am confident they will be able to find Mason that forever family, because they have a lot more resources than I do.  We truly miss Mason, as he had been with us since May 2, 2011 but we know Mason deserves so much more than we could give him and it is not fair to Mason, so we know that Labrador Friends of the South will find him the home and family Mason longs to have. 
This is Coco. A full blooded Scottish Terrier that I found wondering down a very busy 4 lane road shortly after midnight one night that had escaped from its home and was following a jogger. I had thought this was very dangerous that this dog not be on a leash and I caught up to the jogger and asked him if this was his dog and he replied no that the dog had just been following him. I then pulled over and called out to the dog and he came to me and I put him in my car and took him home with me. The next day I put up flyers in the near by neighborhood that the jogger told me he first started noticing the dog following him. As I was posting the flyers these 2 kids told me that they knew where the dog lived and volunteered to take me there. Upon arriving to the home and knocking on the door, a lady answered the door and when I asked if this was her dog, she replied yes, but that she hoped that this time when he escaped he would stay gone, that she did not want him anymore. She said she had a newborn baby to care for and another dog in the backyard and this dog was teaching the other dog bad habits on how to dig out and she did not have time to care for this dog anymore. I told her what a horrible thing to say wishing that this dog would escape and never come back and not to worry because I was not giving her the dog back and I would fine him a good home because she didn’t even deserve to own a dog with that attitude. I then took the dog home and named him Coco. I had Coco about 6 months before finding him a family to adopt him who lived out in the country and he had 2 kids to love him and lots of room to run and play. He never had to worry about a family saying they wish he would run away and never come back. his is Coco. A full blooded Scottish Terrier that I found wondering down a very busy 4 lane road shortly after midnight one night that had escaped from its home and was following a jogger. I had thought this was very dangerous that this dog not be on a leash and I caught up to the jogger and asked him if this was his dog and he replied no that the dog had just been following him. I then pulled over and called out to the dog and he came to me and I put him in my car and took him home with me. The next day I put up flyers in the near by neighborhood that the jogger told me he first started noticing the dog following him. As I was posting the flyers these 2 kids told me that they knew where the dog lived and volunteered to take me there. Upon arriving to the home and knocking on the door, a lady answered the door and when I asked if this was her dog, she replied yes, but that she hoped that this time when he escaped he would stay gone, that she did not want him anymore. She said she had a newborn baby to care for and another dog in the backyard and this dog was teaching the other dog bad habits on how to dig out and she did not have time to care for this dog anymore. I told her what a horrible thing to say wishing that this dog would escape and never come back and not to worry because I was not giving her the dog back and I would fine him a good home because she didn’t even deserve to own a dog with that attitude. I then took the dog home and named him Coco. I had Coco about 6 months before finding him a family to adopt him who lived out in the country and he had 2 kids to love him and lots of room to run and play. He never had to worry about a family saying they wish he would run away and never come back. 
This is Mo. He is Shih Tzu mix and was rescued at the Richmond County Animal Control just hours before he was to euthanized as the shelter was overcrowded and they did not have any more room to keep Mo. He was an owner surrender. I went and rescued him and within a few weeks I had found him his new forever home to a family that had just lost their shih tzu due to old age and was wanting to adopt another black shih tzu and Mo was so happy to hear the great news and to hear that he would soon be going to a new loving family that would care for him and love him. For I saved him from death row that day and they saved him by offering to adopt Mo and give him a good home. I have since that time checked on Mo to see how he is doing with this new family and things could not be any better. He has lots of attention and more love than he has ever had in his life. This story has a very happy ending.  
This is Alley, as that is the name I gave her when I rescued her. She is full blooded Shih Tzu according to what the vet told me. I rescued her from underneath a car in the parking lot of my doctors office in Thomson, Georgia on September 7, 2012.   When I found Alley, she was covered in fleas and her hair was severely matted.  It was over 100 degrees outside that day and this poor little gal was so afraid and was just trying to keep cool underneath a parked car.  I went to the Huddle House and got some chicken fingers and came back to the parking lot and with a little time, and the smell of the chicken fingers, convinced her to come out from underneath the parked car. I put her in my car and took her home. The next day I took her to Petco and got her groomed.  She has since came out of her shell from being afraid and has warmed up to our family and my other Shih Tzu in the home. Alley is very sweet and loving and so well behaved. She is fully housebroken. She is as quiet as a mouse, and sometimes you would never even know she is around.  I am now trying to find her a forever home and family who will love her and care for her, as much as I have, but if I don't, she will always have a home here with us.. 
This is “Silly” now known as “Cealy”. Her story has a happy ending but did not always start that way. For she is a Lab/Pit Bull Mix and is approximately 1 years old. When she was just a tiny puppy my brothers girlfriend at the time found her and took her into their home and she was loaded with fleas and ticks and skin and bones. They found her at the garage dump.  

A few months later, after my brother and his girlfriend broke up, that left Silly with being left with my brother, whom did not have time to care for her. So she was taken to live with my cousin, whom lives in a camper long a very busy road, Deans Bridge Road, in Augusta, Georgia. She was literally a few feet from this busy road left to roam around and she was not being cared for or even given food or water until my dad whom works the 3rd shift became aware of it and would stop every morning on his way home to give her food and water. My dad also built a dog house for the puppies and their mother to have some shelter rather than just staying underneath the camper. Soon Silly as we still call her, became pregnant and delivered 12 puppies but only 6 puppies survived.  

One night when I was having to take my cousin home, upon dropping him off I asked to see the puppies. We started gathering the puppies that was under the camper and only counted 4. I then started looking for the other 2 and discovered 1 puppy literally a few inches from being in the busy road, then other puppy I found about 100 feet away from the camper in the parking lot which the camper was located next to a fence in the weeds. This was very upsetting to me, because the mother of the dogs was left to roam around, then the puppies now old enough to walk were not being kept in any form of confinement and could easily wander off and get into the busy road. Even though it was after midnight at the time, I rushed home and woke up my husband and told he had to come with me immediately and he needed to bring some sort of fencing to build a temporary safe place for the puppies to be kept. He was not too excited about having to do this as this was now about 1:00 a.m. but he got some chicken wire that we had a roll of in the backyard, along with some stakes and gathered the tools he needed and we were off to build a safe place for the puppies.  

After this weekend, I started the mission of trying to find Silly and her puppies a safer environment and someone who could find the puppies a good home.  I contacted Donna one of the rescue members with STARS Rescue Group in Augusta, Georgia, this organization agreed to take in the 6 puppies and Silly, the mother dog, only if we could get all of them and bring them to the organization. So one afternoon when my cousin was working out-of-town, my mother and I staged a “doggy rescue” scenario and we took some dog crates I had and went to the camper and rescued Silly and her 6 puppies and took to them Donna a member of STARS Rescue Group in Augusta, Georgia and my mother and I donated $155.00 in cash to this organization because we knew this was a lot to ask of anyone to take on at one time and that Silly and her puppies would need medical treatment and Silly would need to be spayed, so this money would go towards that expense. The puppies have now all found good loving homes and were able to be adopted out. Donna has recently told me as for Silly, now renamed Cealy, it was determined because of her trust issues and that she would nip at people, anyone whom she did not know, she was not going to be able to be adopted out but she now lives with Donna and her husband for the rest of her life and their many dogs and will be loved and cared for by them. She also told me that Cealy, enjoys riding in the truck with her husband everyday when he goes places, and he and Cealy are best friends. I am so thankful that this story has a happy ending.
This is Gabriel. He is a full blooded Fila Brasileiro, a Brazilian Mastiff. Both his parents were full blooded Fila Brasilerio. Gabriel was rescued when my mom and dad learned he was living with my cousin at the time of whom was not taking care of him and was living in very poor conditions. His sister, Candy, who was being kept on a chain, hung herself in my cousins backyard. Gabriel was full of heart worms and was very sick and at only 3 months old at the time, poor Gabriel only weighed 12 pounds. After my parents decided they would keep Gabriel, as that was the name they gave him, my mother took Gabriel to the vet and the vet advised my mother that Gabriel at his age should have weighed 50 pounds. This should give you a good idea of how Gabriel was merely just skin and bones. Being that he was 38 pounds under weight. Gabriel at the time of this posting, 11/25/2012, now is 9 years old and weighs 125 pounds. 

The Fila Brasileiro is a courageous, powerful Mastiff. It is amenable with its human family, making a very loyal loving companion. Extremely dedicated to his owner. A Fila will protect you without a moments hesitation. He feels that is why he is there. Once you bond with your Fila you and your family will become his whole world. You do not teach your Fila to protect you, as he does this on his own. It is the breeds nature to be loyal and protective of his family. They love kids in their own family and take a lot of abuse from them. Ask anyone who has kids and Fila's and they will tell you how unbelievable it is how gentle they are with the children in the family. Fila's make great family pets and are gentle, loving, loyal and very protective. 

They will also bond with other pets in your home. Outstanding courage, determination, and bravery are part of his characteristics. He is docile and obedient to his owners and family and extremely tolerant with children in his own family. His faithfulness became a Brazilian proverb. He is always looking for the company of his master. He shows a calm disposition, self-assurance, and self-confidence, not being disturbed by strange noises nor when facing a new environment.

An unsurpassed guardian of property, he is also inclined, by instinct, to hunt big game and to herd cattle. Some Filas may drool, especially after getting a drink and Gabriel does this well. Bold and wary with strangers. This breed makes a wonderful guard dog.

Gabriel is one big spoiled baby.  He gets so much attention at my mom and dads house.  He shares their home with just Penny now, because Dizzy and Beasley has since passed away. He is very protective of my mom and dad and his surroundings.  Let's just say, I would not want to be a stranger around Gabriel or ever try to be a robber and try to rob his house.  His big bark will surely scare you away.  

Gabriel is so spoiled that if you put dry dog food in his dish, he will knock it upside down and spill it out, so that he can eat it laying down in front of him. You will see the towel in the pictures above that he is laying on, and this is where my mom has to put his dry food on.  The only time he will eat out of the dish, is when it is can food or the special food my mom makes for him.  You cannot leave a water dish laying around in the house, because he will leave a trail of water behind him, so he has to drink his water outside on the deck, and this is when she can give the other dogs, their water, when Gabriel is out of sight.  Gabriel thinks he is a lap dog, but he is far from that.  He is very clumsy.  One big baby this dog this.  

He does seem to get bored at times, and when this happens, you better hope nothing you want is laying around, such as your shoes, clothes, blankets, etc.  For he has even been known to pull blankets off the bed when he cannot find something and he chews them up.  If the bathroom door is left open, he will pull the toilet paper off the rack and goes through the waste basket and loves to drink out of the toilet if the toilet seat is left up and will drool throughout the house, leaving a big mess to clean up.  If the toilet seat is down he will nudge it up and down until he gets it open.   He has been through so many doggy beds, for  my parents have lost count.  He loves to chew on anything, he can get a  hold of.   There is  never a dull moment with Garbriel around.

This is Lucky.  He is a male Dashund mix that I rescued at the Columbia County Animal Control that was due to be put down that very day because of the over crowding and no one had adopted him out.  He is one of the ones that I rescued where I was featured in the article above.  He was a very sweet and loving dog, that I could find no bad habits and he loved children and got along with other dogs.  I kept him for about 5 months until he was adopted by a loving family in Blythe, Georgia, whom had been looking for a dog for their kids.  The vet told me he was about 4 years old.  I am so happy that I was able to save Lucky's life that day and that he was given a second chance at life when I found him the perfect family. 
This little girl doesn’t have a name. For my mother rescued her when she was wondering along Highway 28 on her way home. She jumped right in the car with my mom and my mom brought her to my house because she said she could not take her home with her because my dad would have a fit because they already have 4 dogs of their own. She promised to help me find her a home. She said if she would not have got her that day that she would have gotten hit by a car. So I immediately made so posters up and put on photo on the posters and went and posted them near where my mom had found her that day. I then got a call from someone who recognized her photo and the collar she was wearing, of which did not have any tags though. The gentleman told me that he does yardwork for a Dr. Still that lives right next to where my mom had found her. He told us that Dr. Still has some AKC Lab’s that he takes to a Hunting Club in Waynesboro, Georgia, but this dog was not a full blooded lab but had belonged to Dr. Still’s son, who now is away at College and that she is about 2 years old and is very sweet and loves kids but was kept outside so she would not be housebroken. The gentleman told me that Dr. Still did not want to care for the dog, and would let the dog roam free in hope she would run off and find another home. For fear that he would lose his job, he asked that I not repeat what he had told me but that at least I knew something of the dog and would hopefully find her a good home. Soon after the phone call I drove to Dr. Still’s house one night and there was a iron gate that prevented me from getting to his house, but there was an intercom at the gate which I pressed the button and when a gentleman answered, I asked if this was Dr. Still. He said yes, and how can help me. I told him that my mother had found a dog and had her with me in the car and that I believed it belonged to him. He asked me to please describe the dog and I told him she was a female, and black lab with white on her chest. He said, no I am sorry that she does not belong to him but that he hopes I find her a good home. I could tell by his tone of voice that the dog belonged to him but that he was not interested in claiming her. So I kindly thanked and went on my way. A few days later a lady had seen our posters and called and offered to take the dog in so that she would not be taken to the animal shelter. So my mother came and got the dog and took her to the dogs new home. The happy ending of this story is that if my mom had not rescued her that day, she would have gotten killed when she would have gotten hit by a car and while we were not able to reunite her with her owner, who disclaimed her, we were able to find her a new home.  
This is "Trouble" who was a stray dog that someone dropped off by my brother's house whom lives in the country, along with another dog, named "Blackie".  The vet seems to think that Trouble is only a few years old. As you can see he is very skinny and that is because he had heartworms and a severe case of it at that.  I was lucky enough to find a great rescue organization who offered to pay for the heartworm treatment for Trouble and for Blackie.  They have now completed their heartworm treatment but it will be several months before all the heartworms are gone and out of their system and for them to be able to test heartworm free.  Once they are both well enough, they are going to be neutered.  They have now had all their shots and both got mirco-chipped.  I was caring for Trouble while he was going through his heartworm treatment and he stayed with us for about a month.  He is a sweet boy and just wants to be loved.  At some point in the past, Trouble, must have been hit by a car, from what the vet seems to think and he was not treated and it left his right leg semi-permanently damaged and he is completely missing the paw pad on his left foot, which will never grow back and due to those 2 things, he has a limp when he walks.  I have been treating it with some medication and wrapping his paw pad up every night and I would have to say he is doing about 50% better now.  Today, which is July 21, 2013, I took Trouble to his new home which is out in the country on 72 acres with other dogs and some horses which is located about an hour from where I live.  I will miss Trouble and I know that he will be well taken care of by his new family and will enjoy having all that space to run around.  It is always hard when one of my rescue dogs leaves because I always seem to get attached to all of them and I wish I could keep all of them and never have to find homes for them, but it is not possible, seeing how I live in the county and in a neighborhood and there is a limit as to how many dogs a single family residence can have.  I plan to keep in touch with the family that has Trouble now and perhaps go visit him sometime in the future and see how he is doing.   I hope that Trouble will be happy and I hope he doesn't think that I just deserted him.  We will miss Trouble.  
I have been doing rescue for as long as I can remember, at least over 30 years. Dr. Wilkes of Martinez Animal Hospital in which I have personally known for 30 years, Dr. Mark Tribby, Jr., of St. Francis Animal Hospital which I have personally known for 21 years, Dr. Victoria Pentlarge in Athens, Georgia, which have personally known for 26 years, which any of them, could provide for me an excellent reference and my caring for my animals and those animals in which I have rescued.

​I have also been involved on some level whether by donating to their organization, or transporting of dogs from their foster home to the new home, or donating items to their organization, in which Valerie Devaney of CSRA Humane Society, could provide anyone an excellent reference on me.