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Once in a lifetime you open up your heart. Maybe once in your lifetime, you will have been as fortunate as we were, to have had such a wonderful dog, as we had, that was more than a pet, he was our precious baby, our angel, our love and our best friend. 

Til our last breath....Until the angels come and get us, to bring us home to Heaven up above... Until we see the light... Til the very end... Til the last beat of our heart and last breath in our body.... Until that time comes.... 

For there could never-ever, be another, that could ever take your place or that could fill this void in our heart, that aches for only you. 

Maybe someday, we will understand why, God, took you from us, and why God, needed you, more than us. For you loved us all your life, and we shall miss you Elvis, for the rest of ours. 

   Love, Mommy and Daddy